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Welcome to the Life Moves Podcast! (previously called Beyond the 3D)

Happiness, success, love, prosperity, and abundance are vibrational frequencies that are innate to who you are. This podcast shares "Life Moves" you can apply everyday to experience these frequencies, so they expand and attract the same. 

Each practical "Life Move" emanates from "Individual Sovereignty" and "Personal Alchemy" to empower you to elevate your frequencies and create every aspect of your reality in real time! 

You have been given the tools to control every aspect of who you are. So, happiness, love, joy, creativity, fulfillment, and more, are only a vibrational frequency away. 

Listen, share, and begin to experience the magnificence that is YOU and YOUR LIFE!

Mar 28, 2022

As happiness is something that emanates  from within, in this episode, Michael shares another Life Move you can apply to keep it flowing in abundance. 

Mar 17, 2022

In this episode, Michael reveals the latest additions to his list of 17 elements of Personal Alchemy that you can apply to change your thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and actions from negative to positive (or "turn lead into gold").

Mar 12, 2022

In this episode, Michael J Russ reveals another move you can make every day to foster greater happiness, in the face of anything happening outside of you! Use this move to empower you to happiness through even the toughest of times! Share it with someone who is experiencing a rough patch in their life. You will be...

Mar 8, 2022

In this episode, Michael shares a primary life move for exp[eriencing the state of happiness. Its a pivotal shift in thought that can change everything for you, if you let it!